Xian Jh-7 – Remain the Backbone of both the PLA and PLAN for a Long Time

西安Jh-7 –长期作为解放军陆军和空军的骨干力量

December 21, 2020


The JH-7 entered service shortly before the introduction of the Russian Su-27 air superiority fighter into Chinese service

JH-7在俄罗斯苏 -27制空战斗机投入优德棋牌官方下载服役前不久投入使用



Xian JH-7 or Jian Hong-7, NATO code name Flounder, otherwise known as Flying Leopard, was a two-seat Chinese fighter-bomber designed to replace the Chinese ageing fleet of Harbin H-5 and Nanchang Q-5 aircraft.

西安 JH-7或歼轰7,北约代号比目鱼,也被称为飞豹,是一种双座的优德棋牌官方下载战斗轰炸机,旨在替换优德棋牌官方下载老旧的哈尔滨 H-5和南昌 Q-5飞机机队。

JH-7 is considered to be simpler and lighter than Su-24 or F-111, and is much cheaper than the Su-30 versatile fighter with high combat performance.

JH-7被认为比 Su-24或 F-111更简单、更轻,而且比具有高战斗性能的 Su-30多用途战斗机便宜得多。

In the mid 1970s the Air Force thus sought to commission a modern strike fighter into service, and submitted a request to the country’s Ministry of Aviation Industry. The program was authorised only in 1983, when the country’s economic upturn, meant additional funds were available for such high end military programs. The JH-7 was the most ambitious fighter program the country had developed until that time.




The exterior of the machine has European-inspired design lines, high-mounted swept-back wings and single-tail rudder. The aircraft was designed with two crew members sitting in tandem with ejection seats for both pilots.




The raised fuselage spine blocked views to the rear by added internal volume. The JH-7 is powered by two Rolls-Royce Spey Mk202 turbofan engines. Each engine can produce 54.29kN of dry thrust and its thrust after burner is 91.26kN.

凸起的机身脊柱通过增加内部体积阻挡了后视的视线。JH-7由劳斯莱斯RB163-25 Spey 512 Mk202涡轮风扇发动机提供动力。每台发动机可产生54.29 kN 的干推力,燃烧器后的推力为91.26 kN。

The aircraft can fly at a maximum speed of 1,808km/h. Its cruise speed is 903km/h. The normal and ferry ranges of the JH-7 are 1,759km and 3,700km respectively. The service ceiling of the aircraft is 16,000m. The aircraft weighs around 14,500kg while its maximum take-off weight is 28,475kg.




Standard weaponry includes 1 x 23mm GSh-23L internal cannon. The aircraft has nine hard points of which six are located under wing, two beneath wing tips and one under the centreline fuselage section. It can carry 9,000kg of payload.

标准武器包括1 × 23毫米 gsh-23升内埋加农炮。飞机有九个挂点,其中六个位于机翼下面,两个位于机翼尖下面,一个位于机身中线部分下面。它可以携带9000公斤的有效载荷。

The JH-7 is equipped with Type 232 H Eagle Eye multi-function fire-control radar, which tracks target information of YJ-8 subsonic anti-ship missiles from a maximum distance of 70km to 100km.

JH-7装备了232 H鹰眼多功能火控雷达,可以从最大距离70公里到100公里范围内跟踪 YJ-8亚音速反舰导弹的目标信息。



While formidable, the JH-7 has largely been surpassed in its strike capabilities by the more advanced J-16 which entered service in 2013. Based on the J-11 airfrx, the platform is one of the most advanced strike fighter in service – possible the most capable anywhere in the world, and makes use of a number of technologies developed for the JH-7.

JH-7虽然强大,但其打击能力已经被2013年服役的更先进的歼 -16大大超越。基于歼 -11机身,该平台是现役最先进的攻击战斗机之一——可能是世界上任何范围内最强悍的战斗机,并利用一系列技术升级歼轰 -7。

The J-16 retains a number of advantages including deploying more advanced air to air munitions for beyond visual range engagements, far superior manoeuvrability and a higher speed, range and maximum altitude among a number of other attributes. With the PLA Air Force having demonstrated its confidence in the new strike platform in early 2018, displaying it alongside the new J-20 stealth fighter, the J-16 is set to enter service in ever greater numbers in future.

歼 -16保留了一些优势,包括在超视距作战中部署更先进的空对空弹药、更优越的机动性以及更高的速度、射程和最大飞行高度等一系列其他特性。随着解放军空军在2018年初展示了对新型打击平台的信心,并展示了新型歼 -20隐形战斗机,歼 -16将在未来服役的数量将越来越多。

The military’s need for the JH-7 may well decrease as a result, and the strike platform has reportedly since been converted into an advanced experimental electronic warfare platform comparable to the U.S. EA-18G Growler.

因此,军方对歼 -7的需求可能会大大降低,据报道,这种打击平台已经被改造成一种先进的实验性电子战平台,可与美国 EA-18G 咆哮者相媲美。