A Florida animal shelter says it has helped rescue 20 golden retrievers from winding up on a meat market menu in China in a monthslong rescue operation involving volunteers on two continents.


"I had a dream, and on Sunday it became a reality," Kristine Minerva, who organized the project, told Fox News in an email Tuesday. "One woman put this together and spearheaded this mission and she rocked it!"

组织这个项目的克里斯蒂娜·密涅瓦(Kristine Minerva)周二在一封电子邮件中告诉福克斯新闻:“我有一个梦想,在星期天,它变成了现实。” “一个女人整合一切,牵头完成了这项任务,她对此感到震惊!”

Minerva arranged for the dogs to leave mainland China on Wednesday, stop for an 11-hour layover in Tawain, refuel in Anchorage, Alaska, and finally land in Miami on Friday afternoon, according to Golden Rescue South Florida (GRSF).
But due to a mechanical problem and another delay, the dogs languished in Taiwan for 40 hours before they finally took off.


"No one in the Rescue slept Friday night or Saturday night," GRSF wrote on its website. "But, NOW THE GOOD NEWS! They arrived Sunday morning."
Another 20 volunteers met the dogs at the airport when they arrived Sunday morning, according to Golden Rescue. Once they cleared customs, they were found "in remarkable shape" despite a harrowing journey that included five days being stuck in their cages. The volunteers set to work cleaning them up -- the dogs had not been given walks or let out during the entire five-day stretch.

南佛罗里达州黄金救援组织在其网站上写道:“救援人员中没有一个人在周五晚上或周六晚上睡觉。” “但是,现在有好消息!他们星期天早上到达了。”

Finally, the group met their new adoptive families in time for the holidays, the rescue group said.
The rescued retrievers include Menu Meng, who only has three legs and will now go by Tipsy.

被救出的寻回犬包括“眉萌”(Menu Meng),它只有三只脚,现在行走有点踉跄。

"Thank God we got her," Patrick McGrath, who adopted another one of the dogs, told NBC 2 of his rescued golden retriever. "She will have a life."

“感谢主,我们救了它“,收养另一只狗的帕特里克·麦克格拉斯(Patrick McGrath)告诉美国全国广播公司,他的这只被救出的金毛犬将开始新的生活。

Minerva works two jobs as a teacher and as a server at Outback in addition to volunteering with the rescue and handling the logistics of transporting the dogs to American soil, the group said. The process took six months and the most difficult part of the project was getting the dogs cleared to fly to the U.S. from Taiwan.