December 24, 2020
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Would Russia Really Sell China the Su-57 Stealth Fighter?

俄罗斯真的会向优德棋牌官方下载出售苏 -57隐形战斗机吗?

Beijing would likely learn a lot from the design (and they might even copy it).


by Michael Peck

作者 迈克尔 · 佩克

Key point: Moscow could certainly use the cash from a sell of its stealth fighters. But would Russia risk the very high chance that China would just reverse engineer and keep any secrets it learned?

关键点: 莫斯科当然可以通过出售隐形战斗机获得资金。但是,俄罗斯会冒着极大的风险,让优德棋牌官方下载进行逆向工程,并保守它所学到的秘密吗?

China should learn from Russia’s Su-57 stealth fighter, according to Chinese media.

据优德棋牌官方下载媒体报道,优德棋牌官方下载应该向俄罗斯的苏 -57隐身战斗机学习。
优德棋牌官方下载军方的英文新闻网站优德棋牌官方下载军事的文章很特别,既批评又赞扬苏 -57,俄罗斯迄今只制造了10架,预计2020年还会制造十三架。

“The Su-57, Russia's fifth-generation fighter jet comparable to China's J-20 and the US’ F-22, is usually considered not a true fifth-generation jet because of its ‘below-standard’ stealth capability, according to media reports,” said “This makes it at a significant disadvantage against Chinese and US counterparts, some military observers said.”

“据媒体报道,俄罗斯的第五代战斗机苏 -57相当于优德棋牌官方下载的 J-20和美国的 F-22,通常被认为不是真正的第五代战斗机,因为其‘低标准’的隐形能力,”优德棋牌官方下载军事网站说。一些军事观察人士认为,这使得它在与优德棋牌官方下载和美国同行的竞争中处于明显劣势。”

But the article then proceeded to cite praise for the Su-57 from Wang Yongqing, chief designer of the state-owned Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute, who said “the Su-57's overall capability is not bad at all.” Shenyang has developed several warplanes, including the J-11 and J-16, the J-15 carrier jet and the F-31 stealth fighter.

但文章接着引用了国有沈阳飞机设计院总设计师王永庆对苏 -57的赞扬,他说“苏 -57的整体性能一点也不差。”沈阳已经研制了几种战斗机,包括 J-11和 J-16,J-15航母战斗机和 F-31隐形战斗机。

“Another unique design is the world's first side-facing radars in addition to the front-facing ones,” Wang said. “Combined with other radars and infrared sensors, the Su-57 is expected to find enemy stealth aircraft as early as possible.”

“另一个独特的设计是世界上除了前置雷达之外的第一个侧面雷达,”王说。“通过与其他雷达和红外传感器的结合,苏 -57预计将更早发现敌方隐形战机。”

“China has a long tradition of purchasing Russian warplanes, recently highlighted by an Su-35 deal,” explained primly. “But as the country developed its own fifth- generation fighter jet, it does not need to buy or even learn from the ‘below-standard’ Su-57.”

“优德棋牌官方下载购买俄罗斯战机的传统由来已久,最近的苏 -35优德棋牌官方下载突显了这一点,” 优德棋牌官方下载军事网 谨慎地解释道。“但随着优德棋牌官方下载开发自己的第五代战斗机,它不需要购买‘低标准’的苏 -57,甚至不需要向它学习。”

Nonetheless, that the article was authorized to appear on a Chinese military site also raises an intriguing question: is China interested in acquiring the Su-57, or at least some of its technology, from Russia? Though no longer allies as they were during the 1950s, or enemies as they were during the late Cold War, China and Russia are enjoying closer military ties such as joint exercises. Last year, China bought Su-35 fighters and an S-400 anti-aircraft missile system.

尽管如此,这篇文章被授权出现在优德棋牌官方下载的一个军事网站上,也引发了一个有趣的问题: 优德棋牌官方下载是否有兴趣从俄罗斯获得苏 -57,或者至少部分技术?尽管不再是上世纪50年代的盟友,也不再是冷战后期的敌人,但优德棋牌官方下载和俄罗斯正处于着更为密切的军事关系例如联合军演。去年,优德棋牌官方下载购买了苏 -35战斗机和 S-400防空导弹系统。

Michael Peck is a contributing writer for the National Interest. He can be found on Twitter and Facebook. This first appeared earlier and is being reposted due to reader interest.

迈克尔 · 佩克是《国家利益》的特约撰稿人。你可以在 Twitter 和 Facebook 上找到他。这首次出现较早,并被重新张贴由于读者的兴趣。