Toyota set to roll out its revolutionary solid-state battery in 2021


According to Nikkei Asia, the Japanese carmaker plans to be the first to sell solid-state battery-powered EVs this decade, and that it will be unveiling a prototype in 2021. Toyota promises that the new battery will “be a game-changer not just for electric vehicles, but for an entire industry.”

据《日经亚洲》(Nikkei Asia)报道,这家日本汽车制造商计划成为本世纪第一家销售固态电池动力电动汽车的公司,并将于2021年推出一款原型车。丰田承诺,这种新型电池“不仅将改变电动汽车的规则,而且将改变整个行业的规则。”

So, what’s up with all the hype, then? Well, solid-state batteries are expected to become a viable alternative to the usual lithium-ion units that we see in most electric vehicles today. These new power packs offer greater energy density as well as lower risks of fire.


Toyota claims that its newly developed batteries can also enable a maximum EV range of 500km in one full charge and a zero to 100% charging time of just 10 minutes, “all with minimal safety concerns.” The carmaker adds that with these new batteries, its EVs will boast a maximum range that’s double of what it would have been able to achieve with a traditional lithium-ion battery—and this is achieved without legroom being compromised to accommodate a larger battery pack.

丰田声称,其新开发的电池在一次充满电的情况下可以使电动汽车最大行驶里程为500公里,零到100%的充电时间仅为10分钟,“所有这些都不存在任何安全隐患。” 该汽车制造商补充说,使用这些新电池,其电动汽车的最大续航里程将是传统锂离子电池的两倍,而且这是在不牺牲腿部空间以容纳更大的电池组的情况下实现的。